Selection of raw materials



Wheat straw
In nature, mushrooms are fed by decomposing organic matter (leaves, wood, etc.)
That way, they return to the ecosystem’s circle inorganic materials and humus, which are absolutely necessary for plant nutrition.
Wheat straw is an organic matter, similar to the one mushrooms find in nature. Furthermore, it exists in sufficient quantities and has a relatively stable constitution and structure.
In our effort to create the base for a successful substrate, we collect WITH OUR MACHINERY best quality wheat straw from various fields of central Greece every summer, applying rigorous criteria thereto, such as sample tests on the spot and physical-chemical analysis in accredited laboratories.


Second cut Alfalfa hay before bloom
It is an indispensable ingredient for the enrichment and increase of the substrate’s nutritional value. It replaces chemical fertilization in a fully ecological way.


Spawn – Mycelium
In March 1931, James W. Sinden obtained a patent issued by the U.S. Patent Office, related to the method of mushroom spawn making. The spawn would be produced following the injection of mushroom mycelium into sterilized grain spawn. Today, 86 years later, the spawn is produced following the same basic method. Our company collaborates with the biggest company of spawn production worldwide, while in the meantime, it also participates in evaluation programs of new hybrids before they pass into commercial production. The strains are separated into different categories, depending on their requirements, the environmental conditions, the characteristics of sporocarps (fruiting bodies) produced, etc. Some of the hybrids we commonly use are: HK35,KRYOS Fotius, Helios, 3253, etc.

Sylvan, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, Laboratory of General and Agricultural Microbiology, is proud to bring you a brand-new generation Oyster Mushroom strain (Pleurotus Ostreatus); Sylvan G8™. This newly developed high-performance Hybrid strain shows strong biological efficiency/productivity and yields beautiful and high-quality fruit-bodies. The strain should also show more resistance to bacterial infections compared to classic commercial strains available in the market today. We recommend this strain as most suitable for cropping outside the warmest summer periods.

Note that Sylvan G8 is protected by CPV rights #20173220 and is therefore exclusively available from your Sylvan branch only. Substrate producers are requested to clearly mark their blocks with the Sylvan G8 name and corresponding spawn batch code prior to dispatch. We are proud to be the first that made the field trials of this new strain launched in 1st of October 2019.