Soups & risottos

Our MUSHROOM SOUPS with vegies” are based on a unique ancient Greek recipe of “Trahana”. In her book, “The old world kitchen” the British food historian, Elizabeth Luard, calls “trahana” the most primitive noodle in the world, the ancient solution to the problem of how to make milled grain palatable, storable, and portable." Semolina whole grain flour is mixed with milk, eggs, vegetables and herbs, ground to small grains and then left to dry.

We masterfully converted this recipe to a modern and healthy vegetarian meal replacing the milk and eggs with vegetables and sun-dried mushrooms.

The velvety texture of this rich soup, large pieces of mushrooms and the perfect spices together with dry vegetables, make our soup a perfect meal that is ready in just 5 minutes. It is a low calorie meal, high in proteins and fibers, low in salt and free from any artificially additives.
This product is High in fibers, protein rich, low salt, low fat.

Mανιταροπίλαφο με λαχανικά 280g

Βελουτέ Κολοκυθόσουπα με μανιτάρια 40g

Βελουτέ Μανιταρόσουπα (Στιγμιαία) 40g

Κριθαρότο με βασιλομανίταρα 280g

Μανιταρόσουπα με λαχανικά Δίρφυς 135g

Χωριάτικη Μανιταρόσουπα Κανθαρέλλας 135g

Ριζότο με μανιτάρια Δίρφυς 280g

Ριζότο με μαύρη τρούφα 200g